We Need Your Help! Help Us Plan More Cool Events and Projects In Camp!

We want to add more fun things to do this year, and we need you to step up and help us bring more to our camp.

Please complete the form below and let us know what kind of events and programs you would like to see at camp. To Be Clear, we’re looking for YOUR HELP. We hope to have more fun, lively, and entertaining events inside the center. We would like YOU to plan and execute this program. We’re looking for affairs, programs, and art projects for just the camp and the wider Burning Man community.

Please only submit programs and events projects that you or your group are willing to plan, lead, and manage. We’re happy to help you find volunteers, but we only look for member lead projects. We’re not looking for more work but hoping our members want to step up and make something AWESOME.

Internal camp events will be publicized in future camp newsletters. Public events will be submitted on your behalf to Burning Man to be published in the Playa Guide.

Events And Project Examples

  • Brain Freeze / Heart-On! / Boat Club / Dr. Howard Trivia Night & Happy Hour
  • Lecture and Open Forum on a Particular Topic (e.g., health, sustainability, technology, etc.)
  • Morning Coffee with the Camp
  • Workshop on Building Art on Playa
  • All-Camp Pot Luck
  • Excellent Art Project That You Would Like to Build and Display in Camp

Please complete the form below and give us your best ideas! We love participation, and we’re open to just about anything.

Camp Events & Programming Ideas

Let's Get Started

What Type Of Idea Are You Submitting? *
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Overview of Your Event, Idea, or Art Project Idea

The title and description you are providing will be used on our camp website, in our newsletter and potentially in the Burning Man Playa Guide. We will confirm with you the exact title and description of your event as we get closer to Gates Opening.

Event Specific Details

Events are programs which occur at a specific date and time. Please give us some specific information about what your event so we can plan accordingly.
What Is Your Event Category? *
Which Day(s) Would This Event Occur? *
Please select any day(s) which you would be open to hosting your event. We will confirm with you the exact day(s) as we get closer to Gates Opening. If you would like to do your event more than once, please tick the days you would like it to occur.
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Please select any time(s) which you would like to host your idea. We will confirm with you the exact time(s) as we get closer to Gates Opening.

Camp Resources

We want your event or project to be successful! What can we do to help?
Does Your Event or Art Project Require Special Resources?
Please select all that apply. Please note, each event or art project is responsible for providing its own water or waste disposal if required.
Would You Like Us To Help You Find Volunteers to Help or Participate? *
As we get closer to the event we will be asking our camp members to sign up for volunteer opportunities. If yes, we will include your event as an option for folks to sign up and help. We will give you a list of folks that signed up and you can reach out to coordinate with them directly.
Would You Like Us To Submit Your Event or Art Project to the Playa Guide and Burning Man Community? *
We can submit your event to the Burning Man Playa Guide. The Playa Guide is a listing of all public events that will be occurring at the event. Additionally, your event should appear in the various smartphone apps for the event.

Your Information

Please give us some information about who will be responsible for this event. The camp is here to support and help you, but we need to know who is leading the charge.
If so, please give us their name and contact information. We will include them in any follow up correspondence.