Below are the general guidelines and principles of the camp. By registering with the camp, you agreed to the principles below.

Be considerate, pull your weight in camp and pick up after yourself.

General Camp Rules, Responsibilities, and Guidelines

  • Guests are welcome to come to our camp. However, you’re responsible for their behavior and actions. 
  • We don’t have established quiet hours. It’s Burning Man, after all! However, at the same time, we’re not a sound camp. All we ask is that you be considerate to your fellow campmates.
  • All camp applications (e.g. people, shelters, etc.) are subject to review and approval by camp leadership. All applications are considered provisional until accepted by camp leadership.

Camp Cleanliness & MOOP

Burning Man is a leave no trace event. As such, we put a big emphasis on the environmental impact of our camp. 

  • Every member is expected to keep their camp space clean and tidy throughout the event. This means free of trash, debris, etc. Please do your best to keep your campsite presentable. 
  • Additionally, you are expected to help keep the common camp areas (e.g., bar, shade structure, etc.) clean and tidy. If you see MOOP, please pick it up. 
  • Every member of our camp is expected to pack in and pack out everything they bring. There is NO camp-provided trash service. If you bought it, you MUST take it with you. 

Camp Fees & Financial Obligations

This section outlines your financial commitment to camping with us. 

  • All fees will be paid before arriving at the event.
  • All fees will be paid electronically via the registration portal of the camp using any major US credit card. Camp fees can change year to year and are posted on the site’s registration page.
  • In addition to camp fees, every camp member is expected to bring a bottle of tequila with them to the event. We’re not picky on the brand of tequila, but NO Jose Cuervo. Costco Silver tequila (approx $25) is our preferred brand. This bottle will be used in our camp’s bar.

Refunds & Cancelations 

  • Refund requests must be made via a support ticket request. 
  • We offer refunds up to 14 days before the start of the event. After that point, refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Refunds are limited to camp dues, power and water services less credit card service fees.
  • We are USUALLY unable to provide refunds on wastewater pump outs as we have to purchase them in advice from United Site Services. 
  • Refunds will only be issued to the credit card provided at registration. 

Camp Work / Volunteer Obligations

Burning Man is a TEAM effort. This only happens if we work together. Every member is expected to actively participate and is engaged with the camp before, during, and after the event. Remember, we’re all volunteers. 

  • We request that every member of our camp participate in camp set up, tear down, or any number of our volunteer opportunities throughout the event.  
  • Our camp bar will be open Monday through Saturday of the event. The exact hours of the bar will be determined in advance of the event. We request that you sign up for at least ONE volunteer shifts. 

Using the Camp Power Grid

We’re lucky enough to have a camp-wide power grid. Thankfully, it’s pretty reliable, but we have a couple of requests related to power.   

  • Absolutely, positively, NO sharing of power. If you are plugging into our camp’s grid, you must pay the related fee.
  • While we don’t meter each connection into the grid, we ask everybody to conserve power. Please use your best judgment.