What camp amenities do you offer?

We have a camp bar that serves frozen margaritas all week long. We offer reliable 24×7 power throughout the entire event. Our power grid can support everything from 10 to 50 amp service. We usually have pretty good placement on the Playa. We’re generally around 4:30 & A. We’re not overly crowded, so everybody gets enough space. We do not offer a camp kitchen or shared bathroom.

Are you an open camp? Are you accepting new members?

We are not an open camp. All new members must be referred to the camp by an existing camper or friend of the camp. Please complete this form if you would like to inquire about joining us.

How does placement work? Can I be next to my friends?

Your exact placement will be solely determined by the camp. There are many factors on how and where you will be placed, such as your arrival, departure, and type of shelter. Generally, we group RVs into groups of 4-5 vehicles called pods. We usually put the yurts in the back middle of the camp. If you have a special request, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate. 

What can I do to help? What are the camp requirements?

We love help! We can always use a hand to set up the camp before the event or tear it down after the event. We usually do our camp set up on the Friday and Saturday before the event starts. We tear down camp on Monday (Labor Day) morning. Please come help us out! We can always use some help tending the community bar, picking up MOOP, or keeping the power grid up and running during the event. Please complete the volunteer form if you can do something specific. 

What do my camp dues pay? What are the power and waste pump-out fees?

Your camp dues cover many standard infrastructure costs, supplies, transportation, and fees. It takes a lot to get this camp up and running. The power fees go to pay for the fuel and maintenance of power generation equipment. The waste pump-out fees are paid directly to United Services. By collecting it in advance, we can guarantee service during the event. 

What is Black Rock FX? What is Brain Freeze? What is Black Rock Power Co-Op?

Black Rock FX is a community of pyrotechnic and special effect enthusiasts on the Playa. Working together, we have produced some of the most memorable burns on the Playa. Check out our history here. Most of us camp together at Brain Freeze. Black Rock Power Co-Op used to be a village we participated in.

If I purchase power, can I share it with my friend?

Absolutely not! The cost of power is shared proportionally amongst those that use it. If you use the power grid you need to pay your fair share.

What is expected of me as a member of Brain Freeze?

We’re pretty easy-going people. We don’t ask for much, but what we do ask is for the betterment of our community. If you camp with us, you should expect to participate in the camp community, be friendly and helpful, offer solutions instead of problems, keep your campsite tidy and MOOP free, participate in the setup and tear down, etc. 

Do you have quiet hours?

No, but please be courteous of your campmates and neighbors. We’re not a sound camp.