Below are the camp events and volunteer opportunities for Burn week. For events, please feel free to RSVP for the events you’d like to attend. For volunteering, please sign up for the shifts you would like to work. Remember to check out the camp’s calendar for all our events. 

Please note, all campers are REQUIRED to work at least one shift at the Brain Freeze bar during Burn week. It doesn’t need to be the same day. Feel free to pick whatever shifts work best for you. This is our camp’s major gift to the Burning Man community so please participate. 

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HO! Robot Arm MOOP Olympics

Event Chair: Heart-On!


WHEN: Wednesday evening, August 31st at 6 PM

WHERE: Brain Freeze bar's lounge area

WHAT: Come and play RAMO with us!

We challenge contestants to MOOP our obstacle course using ONLY the robot arm picker-upper provided!! 
Grab up as many carefully pre-placed MOOP and GOOP items in your lane as you can. The main object of the game is to have the highest amount of things recovered from the carpeted surface before the buzzer goes off - and who knows what else we'll ask you to do?!!

The Biggest Weiner comes away with a trophy and wins a free drink at ANY bar on the Playa!! Multiple contestants per race, several consecutive races to be held on event day, so Androids start your engines - and may the Best Bot win!

Wednesday, August 31, 2022
Event Helpers
Start Time: 6:00 pm
End Time: 7:30 pm
Available Spots
4 remaining: