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Registration - Shelter
There is a per-shelter fee. This is a variable fee based on the size of your shelter. This charge only applies once per shelter and isn’t affected by the number of people of your group. If you are bringing multiple shelters (e.g. 1x RV and 1x tent), you will need to pay for each one. The fee is the same regardless of your stay at Burning Man. Your structure options are:

  • Tent or Yurt. This is for any smaller camping structure.
  • Other Structure. (e.g., Camping in Parked Vehicle In Camp with hangout space). Please choose this option if you will be camping out of your car.
  • Small/Medium RV or Other (29 Feet or Less). This is for small or medium-sized travel trailers, motor homes, 5th wheels, etc. that are 29 or fewer feet.
  • Large RV or Other (30+ Feet). This is for larger travel trailers, motor homes, 5th wheels, etc. that are 30 feet or larger

All shelter registrations include parking for ONE vehicle. All parking will be in the camp designated parking lot with the exception of the people camping in their cars. If you are planning on bringing additional automobiles, please make sure to purchase additional parking spots.

What is your shelter type?
Please give us some details on your expected structure so we know how best to include you in the camp layout. For example, are you camping out of your car with a hang-out space?

Need Electricity? Need Pump-Outs? Need Water? Please remember to those into your cart in addition to your shelter registration. These services are in addition to your shelter fee.

Arrival & Departure Information

Please let us know when you will be arriving and departing the Playa. We know plans change, but this helps us with setting up camp and placement of your shelter.
When do you expect this shelter to ARRIVE on the Playa? If you are arrive after event starts, please let us know.
When do you expect this shelter to LEAVE on the Playa? If you are departing the event prior to Monday afternoon, please let us know so we can have an exit planned for you.

Shelter Information

Please provide some information about your shelter. This information is helpful as we plan camp and how we're going to fit everybody into camp.

Need a waste-water pump-out? Need electricity? Remember to add these items to your cart before checking out.

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